Want to read more books or cut back on social media?

Do a 21-day challenge to stay on top of your game.
Do it with your friends or join an existing group.
Read more booksCut back on Instagram

How does it work?

Check-in with your group 🙌

Check-in with your group every day to submit proof of the challenge via a group chat

Missed a day? Pay the pot  💵

Tiny Rockets keeps you accountable because your money is on the line. Penalties per day missed start at $3 and winners claim a free book and a coaching session!

Do it with your friends 💪

Do it with friends, near and far, or join an existing group

Book Club Challenge 📖

Read a book at least 15 min every day

Join the Challenge
20 to 40 days reading at least 20 mins per day
Get at least 4 friends that want to read the same book or we can match you with an existing group
Everyone in the group will complete a short reading comprehension quiz every 20 pages

Instagram Challenge 📲

Less than 20 min of Instagram per day

Join the Challenge
21 days using Instagram less than 20 mins per day
Check-in every day with your group by submitting a screenshot of your instagram usage for the previous day

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