Don't waste your time life on social media.

Do a 21-day challenge to limit your social media usage to 20 min per day.
How it Works ⚡️Why I need this?

How it works

1) Check-in every day with a screenshot of your Instagram usage for the previous day
2) Missed a check-in or went over 20 min? Pay $5 dollars to the pot
3) No need to download an App. Challenges happen through a WhatsApp group
4) We keep track of the pot and the person with the least misses takes the pot! 🚀

Do it with your friends or join an existing group

Reflect on your relationship with tech

Identity-Based Habits

"The key to building lasting habits is focusing on creating a new identity first. Your current behaviors are simply a reflection of your current identity. To change your behavior for good, you need to start believing new things about yourself. You need to build identity-based habits."

James Clear
Author of Atomic Habits

Realigning technology with our humanity

"Today’s tech platforms are caught in a race to the bottom of the brain stem to extract human attention. It’s a race we’re all losing. The result: addiction, social isolation, outrage, misinformation, and political polarization—all part of one interconnected system called human downgrading that poses an existential threat to humanity."

Tristan Harris
Co-Founder at Center of Humane Technology

The 100% Rule That Will Change Your Life

"Why most people struggle when it comes to losing weight or getting rid of bad habits? Is there a chance to get unstuck from unnecessary fallbacks and permanently change our bad habits? Benjamin shares the secret on how making a radical change is not only possible but required to live a life of integrity, meaning, and purpose."

Benjamin Hardy
#1 most-read writer on

We believe technology should improve life, not distract from it.

Let’s reverse that trend now.