Step #1

Who are you today

The process of behavior change always starts with awareness.

  1. Wherever you want, start by making a list of your current habits and activities
  2. Once you have a full list, choose a maximum of ten
  3. Go to the "Habit Tracker" and add each one
  4. Track your current habits and activities for at least seven days
  5. Please check the suggested links in the "Brainfood & Resources" section

Don't push yourself, we just need to know how are your daily routines at this moment.

🧠 Brainfood & Resources

  • Video: Learn how to add a new habit
  • Tips to write your habits list
  • Install the Chrome Extension
  • Download the App in your cellphone

Step #2

Review your screen time

The idea is to help you regain control and not be constantly lost in your phone.

  1. Activate or install the screen time function on your cell phone
  2. Identify the app or social network that consumes the most time
  3. Add that app or social network to your Habit Tracker

This will help you compare the phone usage with the rest of the habits

🧠 Brainfood & Resources

  • iPhone: How to activate and use Screen Time
  • Android: Best apps to measure your phone usage
  • How to include an app or social network in the habit tracker

Step #3

Start to change your beliefs

The key to building lasting habits is focusing on creating a new identity first.

  1. Schedule 20 minutes to read the article and watch the two videos
  2. At your own pace, check all links for the next seven days

Try to write your reflections in a notebook, this will help you internalize them much more